About us

We are a group of scientists interested on biological engineering and synthetic biology. We stand firmly by the idea that the application of engineering principles to biology can help deepen our understanding of biological phenomena and deconvolve some of the rules underlying life. Thus, we have decided to pursue novel ways of applying engineering perspectives to build DNA and study how it behaves in vivo.

We think that there is a need for easier and faster collaboration and have released Loop assembly under open source licences. Collaboration, synergy and freedom to operate are required to enable new innovative ways of using biology to help solve some of the pressing issues the world is facing today.

Bernardo Pollak, PhD.

Pollak, B. , Cerda, A. , Delmans, M. , Álamos, S. , Moyano, T. , West, A. , Gutiérrez, R. A., Patron, N. , Federici, F. and Haseloff, J. (2019), Loop assembly: a simple and open system for recursive fabrication of DNA circuits. New Phytologist 222. doi:10.1111/nph.15625